Guardian Bake Sale Alongside our direct debit monthly donation, we at Guardian Electrical Compliance wanted to try and draw in some extra funds for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. The charity contacted us and enquired whether we would be interested in taking part in the “Make it better Day” that was due to take place on Friday, 26th June, and of course we said YES. The “Make It better day” is an event that takes place once a year in which you can participate in various activities to help raise money for the charity. After much deliberation, we chose to do a bake sale. This was the most suitable option for us, as we are mainly office based staff and we love cake! We also decided that we should all wear one item of yellow, as this is one of the main colours used throughout the charity’s campaigns. Guardian Staff volunteered to bring in homemade cakes and buns to sell throughout the day. After a lot of sugar consumption, we managed to raise over £130. Due to the success of the day, the directors here at Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd also decided that they would add to the total and round it up to £300, which was even better. The Children’s Hospital Charity were thrilled when they saw the results of the day on our Twitter page, so much so that they asked if they could post our photo on their social media pages. Overall, the staff at Guardian had a great day and we were pleased to raise additional funds to contribute towards the construction of the new wing at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, which has just commenced. The Children’s Hospital Charity website