Guardian are a progressive company always looking to build on our success and invest in the future for both the company and our staff. As we continue to grow, we knew we needed to expand and create a comfortable space for our staff. Welcome … The Grid. We took the opportunity to acquire the building next door to our current head office to create a purpose built area for; Meetings, Training and most importantly, Lunchtime! The acquisition of the additional building provides us with 2 meeting & Training rooms downstairs and an expansive kitchen & break area for our staff. As our workforce increases in size, it started getting a bit cramped in our main building so The Grid has allowed us to free up space and ensure that clients visiting can have an area that is away from the distractions of a busy office on the other side of the meeting room door and staff feel more comfortable at their desks and when at lunch, with the extra room provided. This takes us onto one of the first uses of The Grid. Sadly it hosts its first retirement party for our long serving customer account developer, Alan Wilkinson.Finally at the ripe old age of 71, Alan has decided to hang up his hat and enjoy a number of well-deserved holidays. Now having spent 15 years working with our directors and other staff, Alan is well respected as one of our most dependable and consistent members of staff who not only gives his full support professionally but also acts as one of the most entertaining and personally valued staff members.      

We wish him all the best and hope he gets bored of retirement quickly!