New TraQ-it Video
Here at Guardian our priority is providing you, the Dutyholder, with as much information as we can on how to stay compliant with regards to electrical safety. Below is our newly produced information video detailing all the benefits of using TraQ-it. Specifically created to give a quick insight into how it can help you as a Dutyholder, we hope you enjoy and feel better informed after watching. We must all be compliant. We must all work to EAWR 1989. TraQ-it offers you a streamlined, efficient way of handling your Testing Records, Network Drawings, Thermographic Reports etc. by consolidating all your site information into to one, easy to access, secured area.  Through hard work and consultation with clients, we have created a way in which you can keep control, compliant and above everything else, safe. Please see the below video for a full look into how TraQ-it works.