New Website

All at Guardian Electrical Compliance would like to welcome you to our new website! As we expand as a company, our online presence is expected to follow suit. In order to remain relevant and up to date, we continually develop internal systems and processes and this includes our website. As a company we are always expanding, this is due to a constant demand for high quality Inspection & Testing services.

Added Features

Our new website offers the same technical information and legislative advice as before, but we have made updates that we feel necessary. We have dedicated a section to the hardworking Staff at based Guardian Electrical Compliance. This gives our clients a chance to see the staff who work in the back office; all of whom play a pivotal role to Guardian’s success. Although we have worked extremely hard on bringing this website to life, we do not rely solely on our online presence to help inform on electrical safety, we believe in meeting and speaking with duty holders, if you have any queries please contact us.