Guardian can ensure the continuous control & maintenance of panels on site – Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Using our collective knowledge of over 120 years within the electrical safety industry, Guardian Electrical has identified a large compliance gap regarding panels, whilst working with a well-known, nationwide multisite client.

YOU, the Dutyholder, need to consider the following....

  • Do you have a Safe System of Work for Panel Entry that is continually monitored, recorded, and archived?
  • In the event of a breach of EaWR 1989 relative to Panel Entry, would you have a robust defence in law to defend your process and system?

Are panels included in your testing program, or do they stop at panel Isolators?

Maintaining a safe system of work and storing actual records of maintenance relative to both panel entry and working in panels, in our experience, is often excluded from clients’ maintenance schedules, leaving Duty Holders unwittingly exposed under EaWR 1989 should there be a breach of the regulations.

Do you have…

  • …an obvious visible RED, AMBER, and GREEN labelling standard for panel entry?
  • ….a clear identification or numbering system supported by current schematic drawings?
  • …the ability to instantly view a panel report before you enter?

Are your Isolators…

  • …in good working order?
  • …defeated in order to enable access without isolating equipment, for maintenance purposes?

The Solution

Unsure if you have an asset register or not?

Don’t worry! One of our Senior Sales Surveyors will attend site and complete a free site survey, discussing further the requirements for Panel Risk Assessments.

Guardian’s highly trained Electrical Engineers will complete thorough risk assessments on all panels, labelling them using our red, amber or green system, including the Relevant Hazard label fitted to all removable covers. Unique QR codes will also be affixed to all panels – Scanning the QR code with any smartphone will reveal the panel report instantly, ideal for maintenance work & will ensure safe working.

Additional services can be added, such as final circuit tests and thermography.

All Panel reports will also be uploaded to our reporting portal TraQ-it. Once logged in, as well as the ability to view all panel reports, the Panel Status is always visible, giving a live view on your panels.