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Guardian takes the security and privacy of our clients and website visitors seriously. Here you will find details of our website privacy policy.

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    Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd PRIVACY POLICY

    Issued 2 May 2018 Issued by: John Quick

    Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd (Guardian) needs to collect and use certain types of information about the Individuals or Service Users with whom they come into contact in order to carry on our work.

    This personal information must be collected and dealt with appropriately whether it is collected in written form, stored in a computer database, or recorded on other material.

    Data is collected and processed in such a way as to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR).

    What’s new in our Policy?

    • Increased transparency. We’ve tried to make it clearer and easier to understand.
    • Clear descriptions on what data we hold and how we process that data.
    • Rights under GDPR.
      The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation expands your existing set of rights regarding your personal data. These include the ability to withdraw your consent, the right to correction, and the right to be forgotten.

    What personal data do we hold?

    In addition to data which is freely available in the public domain such as Company name, business address,business telephone and website etc. we may also hold the following personal data:

    • Contact name – this will usually be the main company representative that we are dealing with for carrying out services that we are contracted with you to provide, or the person deemed most appropriate to handle any enquiries and information relation to our proposed services.
    • Contact telephone/mobile – this will have been obtained directly from the person concerned or via an authorised member of your staff
    • Contact email address – this will have been obtained directly from the person concerned or via an authorised member of your staff
      Note: we do not consider the foregoing data to be sensitive as defined by the GDPR Regulations

    How do we process your data?

    Our policy is designed to comply with the principles of GDPR in order to ensure that data is processed:

    1. In a fair and lawful manner
    2. For specific and lawful purposes
    3. It is adequate, relevant and not excessive
    4. It is accurate and up to date
    5. Retention period for data is reasonable and in accordance with the stated purpose
    6. Access rights to personal data is in accordance with GDPR Regulations
    7. Data is securely retained
    8. Data transfer is provided for securely where applicable

    What access rights do you have?

    • The right of access to a copy of the information comprised in their data
    • The right to object to data processing that is likely to cause or is causing damage or distress
    • The right to prevent processing for direct marketing
    • The right to object to decisions being taken by automated means
    • The right in certain circumstances to have inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed
    • The right to claim compensation for damages caused by a breach of the Act.

    By continuing to use our services on or after the 25th May, you will be deemed to agree to the update. Should you have any questions about GDPR or about the new Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us via the form below.

    Issued and approved by: John Quick – Director