QR Code Guardian Electrical Fixed Wire Testing TraQ-it

Guardian have developed an App and QR code system to interact with their online portal, TraQ-it, enabling access to relevant data and records whilst out in the workplace.

How do our TraQ-it QR codes work?

Scan it - TraQ-it

QR Code

What are QR Codes?

First used in Japan for the automotive industry, a QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a machine-readable code consisting of black and white squares, typically used for storing information such as URLs (website addresses) for reading by the camera on a smartphone.


How Does It Work?

Each individual Distribution Unit subjected to Inspection & Testing, Drawing or a Thermographic Survey, will have a visible and accessible QR (Quick Response) code affixed to the relevant Distribution Unit. Once the app is downloaded, simply scan over the QR Code, input TraQ-it logon details, and the Electrical Installation Condition Report for the relevant Distribution Unit will open via your TraQ-it website.

Why Choose Guardian?

At Guardian, we are always looking to progress service delivery and efficiency through technology. Although not legally required by EaWR 1989, QR Codes are considered a ‘nice to have’ and are proving extremely popular in the industry. The adoption of QR Codes for customers is intended to improve the efficiency of both office and field-based disciplines