Adding to the array of recommendations, we have been sent a great client testimonial from Sodexo GSK. Here are a couple of snippets –

…Guardian have exceeded our expectations in terms of understanding the requirements of working on our site and have managed any concerns we may have had with ease.

…with Guardians exceptional service and extensive knowledge on electrical compliance, I would be more than happy to recommend their services and will eagerly continue our working relationship – a view in which many other GSK sites will share.

Starting their testing program back in 2016, GSK nationwide have been loyal customers of Guardian. Our bespoken electrical services, alongside our online portal TraQ-it have meant electrical compliance can be achieved without stress and at a high quality.

Reiterating what was said in the testimonial, we at Guardian also hope to continue this working relationship, always evolving the way we work together to create a seamless testing program.

To read the full testimony to Guardian, click here.

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