Guardian are pleased to reveal that our Spring Breakfast Seminars were a great success. Each event had an intimate group of enthusiastic attendees and we have had some great feedback. Our Electrical Safety Breakfast Seminars are designed to give guidance on the following points:
  • Understanding of your position and level of responsibility within the duty holder hierarchy
  • What industry reference documents to consult when deciding on your inspection and testing strategy
  • What are the essential elements of a maintenance, inspection and testing programme
  • How to achieve an effective maintenance policy
  • The ABSOLUTE tests that must be undertaken
  • The frequency of inspection and testing
  • Testing around a 24/7 working environment
  • Ensuring you choose a competent provider
  • Typical programme of initial inspection and testing
  • Is there a legal requirement low voltage distribution drawings?
  • How to control the inspection and testing records and keep them current, accurate and consolidated and as a result, justifiably reduce costs
Seminars are available to both new and existing clients, offering a new approach to testing and a great customer service tool to keep our current clients updated on advances in the industry. The main speaker Ian Carnall (Managing Director) delivers a concise and comprehensive presentation and will answer any queries that attendees may have. Feedback from the seminars ensures we can make necessary improvements and create an event built around our customers. Due to the success of these seminars, we are planning on holding more later on this year. Please see our Electrical Safety Events page for more information.