Trinity College Cambridge

Having reviewed various contactors, Trinity College selected Guardian Electrical Solutions to carry out the first ever periodic inspection testing of the college buildings. As this work had not been carried out previously we requested that Guardian far exceeded the requirements of the regulations and carried out a 100% test of all circuits. Billy Sutherland (Operations Director) confirmed that this was far in excess of the requirements, but due to our lack of existing records and the age of parts of our installation we decided to continue down this route.

The decision to use Guardian was only taken after comparing various other contractors and attending seminars and briefings, we were particularly impressed with the TraQ-it website and the level of pre-planning that was put into place for us, plus the additional work required to make the website available on-site to our engineers via their iPads.

All works have been carried out efficiently, the additional work has greatly increased the time period required but revised timescales have always been met. The disruption to the
College has been minimal, and minor defects have been corrected at the time of testing by the Guardian engineers to prevent further disruption and testing. The on-site team
have been excellent and the back up from the office has always been available in the background, always there when needed, but never forceful.

The College has no intentions to move away from Guardian, and look forward to a long working relationship with them.

I would always recommend Guardian, this is not a statement I make easily or regularly.

Will Duckworth
Clerk of Works Trinity College Cambridge