Completely unique to the industry, TraQ-it® is Guardian’s own online reporting system.

TraQ-it® is an interactive online portal that was developed at a significant cost after several years, by Directors at Guardian Electrical Compliance. Guardian’s unique interactive website contains features such as instant reporting, exporting capabilities, hierarchical permission levels, search and filter functionality, remote printing and much more. Paper based reporting for Guardian’s clients is a thing of the past, why not join them?

What is TraQ-it®?

TraQ-it® the industry’s only truly interactive web-based reporting system, has been developed over a period of several years to ensure records are always, current, accurate, consolidated and with a version history capability. In consequence, the level of testing and therefore the costs can be justifiably reduced.

Why do I need an Interactive Website?

Any duty holder who has a responsibility for electrical safety has to manage an inordinate amount of documents associated with electrical testing. The storage, accessibility and consolidation of documents often presents problems, as does the updating of records, management of deadlines and sharing of information with colleagues.

Many contracting companies experience difficulty in promptly returning reports to clients, because of human interface issues, ie. office based data inputting of records collated on site. There is also the ‘green issue’ and our collective responsibility to develop a sustainable process to protect the planet and save energy.

How it Works...

How much does the interactive website cost?

There is no additional cost to our clients; it is now the standard reporting medium for Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd. We issue the website instead of hard copy or CD, although both mediums are available on request.

Do I need any additional software?

No, all you need is a PC, laptop or tablet with an internet connection. The system is browser based so all records can be viewed, filtered and searched via internet explorer or any other modern browser.

Instant Reporting

Records of inspection and testing can be uploaded to your customised website on a daily or weekly basis, dependant on the inspector’s progress on site. For the more complex sites, reports are often transferred to a data repository, where results can be reviewed, prior to final uploading.

Version History & Management Information

Distribution boards, for example, inspected and tested several times over a number of years will produce several sets of records. These are automatically stored in chronological order on the website, ensuring management have a complete history of the particular distribution board and therefore a complete audit trail.

Hierarchy of Permissions

The interactive website is infinitely customisable, so if you have several sites and a number of duty holders, a hierarchy of permissions can be introduced to ensure the relevant mix of sites and access to information can be completely controlled.

Features of the Interactive Website

  • Results available by the end of each day
  • Search and filter functionality for easy access to switchgear and distribution boards sorted by location, site or reference etc.
  • Search and filter functionality for easy access to PAT failed items, individual descriptions, locations etc.
  • Built in email alert functionality
  • Fully flexible and customisable data views
  • Capability to upload associated records and drawings
  • Capability to upload your archived records
  • Version history of records for management audits
  • Capability to print records to local printers
  • Remote hosting for data recovery